Saturday, November 10, 2007

Circle Lord Spirals Templates

Small Double Spiral Template

Double 12" Square Spiral - 1" & 1/2" Separations

Great quilt by Judy Nolan of Western Australia.
Pieced by Dianna Welbon

Ruthie at works on a Heartstrings quilt with granddaughter Kayla.

Spiral Quilt by Jane Ann Munroe

Orange Co Quilt Guild Opportunity Quilt

Note how Jane Ann Zig Zags over the spiral to give more body to the spiral.
Here are 2 pictures from Karen Johnston of Alberta, Canada.

When asked where to use the spiral, I always say that the Stack'N Wack is one of the best patterns.

Click to enlarge to see detail.

Note the hand quilted triangle to fill between the spirals.

Karen writes:
"I did this quilt in the summer and finally got around to taking pictures of it. I am so happy with the outcome. I am so impressed with how easy the circle lord was to use. It was definately the best money I have spent towards my longarm.
I hope to see you guys in Overland Park again this year, I have everything booked already.
Karen Johnston"

Here is Jaime helping.

Crystal has allowed me to post her quilt done with the Circle Lord Spirals template.
It's perfect!

"Attached a picture of your spirals template used on a sample that will be going to Market in E E Schenk's booth. Fabric is Gelatto by Galaxy, Pattern is Gradient Crystals - Embers (yup, it's named for me...) by Mary Lou Hallenbeck of HD Designs. Four threads by King Tut.


Crystal Smythe
Long Arm Lyrics"

Here is a quilt by Gwen Koller of Ontario. She used the 1" spiral.
This is basically the same as the one below done by Kay. It is fast
and effective.

I was talking today with a new customer about the power of quilting
the spiral to help make a quilt interesting and profitable. While surfing blogs,
I ran across one by Laurie at:
She used the Circle Lord spiral template to do the quilt shown.

Here are some pictures of one by Verna Leeson, quilted by Kay. You can
see the spirals really stand out. Please note the small concentric circles
used to fill in the area between the spirals.

Here is another of Crystals quilts - A French Braid


Here are some patterns done by Carol Lyon using a large spiral
template that she asked for.
The template is 18 inches square with a 17 inch spiral. The pattern
is a double spiral. when you use just one line, the separation is
2 inches. When you use both, the separation is 1 inch. There is a 17.5 inch
circle around the outside.

It can be used on the Circle Lord, or on rubber mat, and hand held.
You still have to use the Circle Lord Stylus.




Flower using Gingko Template by Carol Lyon
Not related to Giant Spiral-just an extra.

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